Download iPod Copy

iPod Copy is a kind of tool that enables one to synchronize their files between the PC and the iPod. It consists of a number of very powerful tools to get more benefits from a collection of music. This also includes various tools for organizing the lists on MP3’s. It also helps to search the collections and transfer different songs from the PC to the iPod or vice versa.

iPod copy has a number of good features. It helps a great deal in copying playlists or songs from the iPod to the PC. It manages to create a backup for all the music files with only a few mouse clicks. One can transfer playlists and songs from the iPod to iTunes directly, without any difficulty. Rating, play count, art albums and various other music data can also be transferred. The search results for any playlist or music can be saved in the PC or it can be shifted to the iTunes gallery as a playlist. iPod copy can also be used to change the music rating. Songs can be played without the iPod, in the PC, even if iTunes is not installed. iPod copy is used by millions of people across the world. The reasons being, it is very easy to use and the privileges it provides, totally satisfies the users. This tool is based on Java.

A trial version of it is available on the internet. Once one downloads it, an icon of iPod copy will be created on the desktop. With the help of this, iPod libraries can be copied to the PC so that one can share it with friends. Having only iTunes in an iPod doesn’t allow music libraries to be copied to a PC. Therefore it is a disappointment at times. With iPod copy installed, one can easily do that.

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