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Genie Timeline Free 2012 is a backup facilitating application that promptly backs up the data we intend and retrieves us the files as and when required. There are a variety of files this tool can back up. Starting from the files on the desktop to the files stored in personal folders, this tool can assist you backing up the contents at regular intervals. The tool is designed in such a manner that once you schedule a backup job activity, you can then forget about maintaining the file contents at you backup area as the tool itself takes care of prompt updation whenever a change occurs in the original content.

This tool promises only two steps for configuring a particular backup. The tool has in built purging mechanism which saves a lot of space overall. There is also an option to set the protection level to indicate us the health of the backup. This tool allows you to restore the backups through a easy step by step process, which is easy to understand. There is a machine level deduplication feature inbuilt in the application which saves both time and space. The latest version of this tool has come out with an indigenous technology, whereby they claim to have increased the speed of the application by more than two times, compared to the previous versions.

The tool has many features designed from the practical necessity and compulsions. There is a automatic resumption of both backup and recovery, both after disconnections and pauses. The tool has integrated the latest advancement in technology and has a provision to monitor the health of the backups by tracking them through your mobile phones. The tool ensures to maintain different versions of the backup to ensure that the recovery of the prior versions can be restored as per the wish of the user. This tool is certainly a blessing for those who are worried about data corruption as well as hard disk failure, which generally occurs at the unexpected moment. This is a tool for those who expect the unexpected.

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