Almeza Multiset Enterprise
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Download Almeza Multiset Enterprise

Often it has been seen that one or the other company faces the problem of timely update of various software in their computers along with the quick backup and customization of a working employers’ environment. This problem got resolved soon with the advent of the Almeza Multiset Enterprise software. This tool resolves all the backup and update related issues which are to be conducted over a large chain of computers within a particular company.

The Almeza Multiset Enterprise has been developed by the Unattended Installation Systems in both the trial and free version at a certain price as per the requirement of the user. The program comprises of size 6.45MB which easily operates on all the version of Windows like windows XP, ME, NT, 2000, 98, Vista and even latest 7 and 8. This tool allows every user to reduce their expenses on calling the administrator for the update and configure of certain software in a single client computer which in turn save a lot of time for everyone and make them utilize the same for their direct duties. The software comes in with some special features like makes the requirement of one administrator at any point of the network to make necessary updates in any number of computers, very less time consuming process of its applications, helps to change the configuration on multiple or separate computers very quickly and much more.

The outstanding feature that this software comprises of is that it helps to quickly and safely reinstall any version of Windows without losing the current data of the user. It also helps to create a master disc for the standard automatic installation for a set of software on any number of computers. As in for an overall consideration, the Almeza Multiset Enterprise is a user friendly software which has an intuitive interface that allows even the least inexperienced user to get accustomed with it very easily.

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