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Softy Encryptor is one of those names which come up when you are dealing with encryption issues. It is a real trouble shooter when you have urgent files that need encryption, or when you have to decrypt files and folders or turn them totally transferrable. Basically, softy Encryptor is a program which will self help itself and get on with your encryption and decryption problems. These file can then be sent easily to a relative, friend or used for work purposes with any worries of getting forged or plagiarized. It makes your circulation of the data really practical and handy.

Privacy of the soft copy data has been a long thought upon issue and new techniques and methods have been devised in order to solve these problems. Softy Encryptor is just one of these leading solutions which make your privacy problems disappear just like that. Hard work does not comes easy, it takes effort for any and everyone to produce original and in such a world of cut throat competition when you see your own work being copied and plagiarized, nothing feels much more depressing.

Also, issues of confidentiality also jump when the question of encryption arises. Softy Encryptor is your one solution to many problems, be it privacy or confidentiality, you are safe and original with the help of softy Encryptor. Another exciting feature about softy Encryptor is that not only you can privatize the information but you can also mask and or shade it and even customize it so that no one else can tamper with the original information in the first place. With the help of this amazing tool you can make files and folders which will self decrypt themselves and that too even without the requirement of the installation. You can even employ the shut down methods to maintain your privacy.

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