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Evidence Cleaner is a software program used to safeguard your privacy in a multi user shared system environment. This tool helps you to clear the tracks of your system usage and also helps you to free up the systems hard disk space. The tool provides you the provision on what to clear and how to clear as standard and plug in items of your system. For this, the interface design is a simple and simplistic one which is easily understood by anyone.

This cleaner program is designed to look in to the clip board contents of your PC usage, the History in the Internet explorer, normally visible in your drop down list, password history maintained by the system for all browser based applications, auto form that provides used options on your form inputs, cookies stored on your system and any URL history maintained. One step further, this tool also takes care of clearing the document history available in word documents, Open and Save history provided by Windows in all its office and standard products, the documents available in the recycle bin and the contents of the temporary file directory. The tool has also the capability to remove yahoo messenger history, Acrobat readers and Flash recent file list, Google’s toolbar history, Macromedia and Dreamweaver’s recent file history.

This tool also allows you to both blacklist and white list the cookies and URL contents you wish. These options are available in the settings menu of the tool. The various plug-in’s available for the application can be easily imported for effective updation. There is a help file to provide us brief explanation on the functionality of each option available within the application. The application is proved to be robotic and seamless in its operation. The system resources, both hardware and software, occupied by this tool is very minimum and the cleaning tasks does not affect the systems current performance. If this tool could have provided an option to the end user for scheduling activities, this tool is an ultimate dream cleaner for anyone who wishes to maintain privacy of their system actions. Even without the scheduler, it is a very helpful tool to protect ourselves from the spying eyes of others.

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