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The Comtiari Web Protector offers complete protection against any sort of attacks from the client, online frauds and identity thefts which is a complementary to the existing End Point security as well as Web gateway solutions dedicated in keeping the personal data in safety with especially the Comtiari’s security engine that identifies the introduction of phishing wesites as well as provides user from typing sensitive data in. Protect the web session from other adversaries yourself such as Comtiari’s session inspection engine that prevents browser from undergoing unintended transactions.

You just need to make sure that you are performing particularly that which you intend to do: the security engine of Comtiari inspects the user behavior preventing it from making attempts that make him perform any unwanted actions. Prevent the compromising of the machine’s attempts on taking any step ahead into the future that could spoil or compromise the system’s actions considerably. The option of execution in remote mode by Protection Suite of Comtiari makes constant searching and attempts for buffer outflow possible. These techniques prevent attackers from entering into the way of the system to harm them even as slightly as possible. In turn, they would never be able to take the control or hold of your computer.

The personal files would be kept away safely through the sandbox engine of Comtiari’s files which prevents files from being stolen from the local machine as well as network shares that have been made by such malicious pages. With each version, the software seems to be improving quite a lot and many a times beyond what you would have expected it to do. The new version possesses key loggers, Trojans, man in Browser, Pharming, phishing, click jacking, buffer overflow and so on. Thus you observe this software to do all you need and indeed protects your system from all malicious problems.

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