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RAR Password Recovery Magic is a password recovery tool designed for recovering the lost and forgotten password of compressed RAR and WinRAR archives. This tool supports a customizable brute force and dictionary based password attacks for fruitful action. With an easy to understand and friendly interface, this tool can be used for recovering the passwords even by a lay user of computers. All the user needs to provide for the tool to recover the lost password of the RAR file is just to pass the path of the archive file as input to this tool.

It should be borne in mind that this tool is designed specifically for the recovery of password in archive files and not for the systems. We all know that there is a provision in Zip and Archive tools to provide a password for the compressed archive files. Thereafter, whenever a user tries to uncompress the RAR file, it will first ask for the password. It is not a surprise that many struggle to remember the password of the compressed archive when uncompressing the archive. This is when this tool comes handy. To enhance the performance of the tool, the developers have designed to have a character set defined for Brute force attack. Using this option, the user can provide as input their guess of characters within which the password is set. This reduces the password guess time of the tool considerably. The tool has a large in built dictionary, which is crucial for the success of the dictionary attack. When one password guess is in progress, the job is taken to the background, thereby allowing the user to process another activity.

The ease of use is the distinguishing feature of this tool when compared to many other products. The different options available such as character set, password length, attack type, etc improves the performance of the tool to a great extent. It runs on all user based Windows operating systems, but requires around 700 MB of hard disk space. This tool can run on all systems with a minimum RAM capacity of 128 MB.

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