PassLocker Plus

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PassLocker Plus is a popular contact management software program developed by Pisitta Soft. This software program provides complete security to your passwords by managing them in a very efficient way. PassLocker Plus makes it simple to access your E-mail accounts, Websites, Instant messengers and standalone applications. This software program encrypts all your passwords and stores them securely in the hard disk. PassLocker Plus is also capable of generating passwords for you that are random/mnemonic and calculates their strengths for security and allows you to select username and keys for your personal applications like E-mail account, online bank accounts etc. Features which make it different from other products are: Triple DES encryption, Anti-key loggers, Encrypted logs, web form auto filler, AES support and flash drive portability.

PassLocker Plus has been specifically designed to provide you hassle free access to your personal data and web accounts. It provides a program called "web form filler" which automatically fills your web login accounts i.e., you don't need to explicitly enter the username & password fields, it will be automatically filled up by this program. PassLocker Plus backups automatically your password database and generates a "passkey" for you which will help you to access the PassLocker repository. You can import/export the repository files from/to several other file formats like txt, csv, xml.

To install this software product in your computer you need to have any of the following operating systems: Windows 7/8, Windows XP/Vista, Windows 2000/NT or Windows server 2003. No additional requirement is there. After the installation you will be able to manage all your passwords in a much secured manner. This application encrypts your passwords and personal data and stores them securely in your computer and prevents stealing/unauthorized access. It provides a user friendly interface which makes it easy to manage. PassLocker Plus provides several tools like advance password generator, advance password strength calculator, expiration password management and repository finder.