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Want to keep your email id and its passwords secure? Then AllWebID is something, which can solve this concern of yours. It is a password management software, that protects every single password stored on the computer. This is because, once when this software is installed on the computer, it offers its users two step authentication process, which makes unknown people misusing your password difficult. The best part about this software is that, it offers finger print reading for authentication process. When the software is installed and effectively launched, all what one needs to do is to create an account, and supply an email address and a so-called user id, as it acts like a password, and one has to make sure that, the password cannot be guessed by anybody. One also needs to put in their phone number, for the verification process. After this, one can log in, and manage their password credentials. After this is done, one’s passwords and details are stored online in an encrypted form and then it will be transmitted securely to one’s local PC. AllWebID supports browsers like Internet explorer, Firefox and Chrome. For more one can log on to the official website of the product.

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