Pureiblocker Home Edition
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Download Pureiblocker Home Edition

Pureiblocker Home Edition is the security software offering parental control as well, both for office and home purpose. This award winning security application is the perfect solution for blocking all offensive and adult material from reaching kids while they are browsing on the internet. It was published on July 2007 by the publisher PurePages Group and since then it is immensely popular among parents who want to monitor their kids’ activities over the internet. Pureiblocker Home Edition has got great compatibility with several operating systems like Windows XP and 2000. It is a free software for you to try with a trial period of 30 days.

Pureiblocker Home Edition software serves to be the best content filter among all other softwares present in the market. With Pureiblocker Home Edition in your computer you need not worry with any of the offensive things showing up while surfing the internet or with your kids’ online activities in your absence. The special features of Pureiblocker includes monitoring all activities, blocking predator and suggestive internet accessing. This software is made available both in corporate version and home editions. Pureiblocker Home Edition gains your trust by helping you take informed decision as you have detailed log of what your child views most of the time.

Pureiblckeris is extremely easy and quick to install with the help of its manual described step by step. Thus you do not need any help from experts and save yourself the set-up charges. With its wide variety of techniques Pureiblckeris ensures blocking all unwanted and offensive content which in turn increases the productivity of your internet usage. It helps you in having highest security against all, that you do not want your kids to view or access. With Pureiblckeris installed in your computer it is next to impossible to access blocked sites.

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