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The Log-It-All software program is an extremely powerful tool that works as a surveillance program. It works entirely stealthily and thus the child, who is under monitoring, is entirely unaware of this fact. The program has wonderful monitoring as well as logging technology. It keeps a log of almost every activity that the child performs in the computer.

It records all the keystrokes typed, all the windows visited, contents copied in the clipboard, websites visited etc. The software can even hide itself from the task manager. The Log-It-All tool runs in the background of the computer and it starts working every time the computer is turned on. It keeps the logs in a time line fashion, which helps the parents to understand the child’s activity over the computer and internet in a better fashion.

Parents can regulate between stealth mode and visible mode of this tool, and can also make sure that whether the program is visible in the task manager or not. It acts as a powerful parental control tool. The best thing about this Log-It-All software is that it is entirely free for use for all the users over the internet. All these features make this software the ultimate choice for parental control.

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