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HT Parental Controls is a Facebook parental control software that is invented keeping in mind the danger kids have to face in cyberspace. It prevents your children from being exposed to inappropriate content – especially in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. There have often been reports of cyber bullying and cases where children fall for sexual predators. The program succeeds in combating these awful online forces and protects your kids with a wide range of tools.

Unlike other Facebook monitoring programs HT Parental Controls focuses on removing the option to access Facebook and other social sites by blocking them, instead of merely monitoring them to track what your kids do. HT Parental Controls covers one child per license and needs to be installed on the computer you wish to monitor and control. Another computer can be added with the purchase of additional license. The installation is lightning fast, and the program runs silently without disrupting the computer’s normal actions. HT Parental Controls also helps in recording which applications are being opened and used.

HT Parental Controls facilitates you to monitor the websites your child is visiting, logging the addresses and time accessed. You can block websites based on their content, and even enter specific addresses to block the particular site. The best feature about HT Parental Controls is its ability to determine the amount of time your children can use the computer. This helps your kids stick on the schedule you designate and ensures that they don’t cross the amount of time you specify. Ultimately, this software gives you the strongest tools required to monitor your child in the dangerous virtual world.

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