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Monitoring the activities of employees at office and those of minors at homes are a pretty common thing these days and has become a child’s play with the advent of advanced software in the market. One of the most reliable is ZhongYuan Keylogger Screen Capture, a security software designed and developed by Zhongyuantech. This particular software is highly efficient at stealthily monitoring and capturing the various activities of those meant to be monitored without their knowledge. Its advanced features, along with those existing in all other software in its category, makes it one of the sharpest tools in the shed for this purpose and to say the least, it has succeeded in its job.

ZhongYuan Keylogger Screen Capture has been built with many things in view, with respect to the quality of the software and the kind of service it provides. Its advanced programming allows it to capture the keystrokes made on a particular machine in a network and capture or take screen shots of the applications or resources viewed on the screen. It keeps a record of the keystrokes monitored in a log file which is kept hidden and encrypted so that none other than the administrators can access it. It keeps itself hidden so that the monitored users have no notion of the fact that they are being continuously monitored. Besides, it can be customized according to the need of the administrator and has extendable options.

With the following key features built into the framework, ZhongYuan Keylogger Screen Capture proves to be quite efficient at its job: advanced programming which can be used to customize the various features of the software, user friendly interface which allows even novices to take full advantage of the software, compatibility of the software with each and every version of the Windows operating system.

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