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This is a software that is dedicated towards scanning the directories in the system as well as the registry during real time and thus help in using only a few resources to process as such. This is basically a watchdog for the Windows operating system. By having added this particular free watchdog, you shall be bale to increase the safety among the anti virus that you are using. This helps to detect the Trojans and virus which are found out as soon as these problems get loaded into the computer. The Winpooch watchdog shall scan the system’s directories plus the registry during real time and help in using only a few resources of the processes as such.

After having been attacked by either the Spyware or the Trojan itself, the whole idea is about developing a particular sort of idea that would help in developing the kind of anti-furtive attack. The problem regarding that particular kind of attack would be to help detect the sort of virus that needs to be detected which has attacked the system. It is always good to use some firewall or virus protection programs, but you do not always get such sophisticated programs for free. This is where the Winpooch comes in to help. So the program is quite simple and nice as such and the qualities of being a simple watchdog shall take care of the machine’s system.

The program scans only some specific directories or the registry key. This team is adding up features as per some user requests. The software is one of those that constitute an open source and freeware. Anti Trojan and anti Spyware are solved completely as they need to be dealt with. Thus the software gives complete protection against external and local attacks of any kind in the most efficient way.

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