Download Windows Security Tweaker

The settings featuring the default in Windows operating system have been adjusted in a way that it fits the need of majority of the users actually. For the ones who sport a daredevil inside them would love to settle with the different configuration of the software. This software facilitates a huge compilation of options that would let the knobs for security either on or off in a very easy way. The real potential although truly lies among the Windows operating system making customization well possible.

This action by Windows is sufficient for the third party developers to have other products offered in the line when the features allow tweaking Microsoft’s operating system as per the needs of theirs. There is no requirement of any installation and its portable facility makes it mobile and put to use when required. This is a great feature and only few such software can provide you with both integrity and the following facility. The software is compatible to all the versions of Windows starting from the standardized XP. Having derived from the simplicity of Windows Explorer, the interface is more of a familiar ground. All menus are rather available on side screen placed to the left that encompasses following settings that are displayed more to the right. This application comprises of more than a 470 options followed along 2 categories which are: Windows Common restrictions and User Restrictions.

The former among these are further split along more sub-menus that make up for the targeting security options such as desktop, network, file system, Windows Software and etc. Other features include the taskbar and start menu plus the restrictions that are rather applied to user folders. So it is truly a great way to secure your computer from all adversaries that might show up during its runtime.

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