Download WatchPcAnyWhere

WatchPcAnyWhere is a security software program developed by AIN and has been launched in the market on 21 December 2011. WatchPcAnyWhere is actually a monitoring software program, which allows you to monitor your computer systems about its activities on a regular interval basis. If you are away from your own computer system or you have an organization with several employees, where every employee is having computer systems to work and you want to monitor or keep an eye on their activities on the respective computer systems, WatchPcAnyWhere would be an ideal solution for you.

This software program allows you to monitor the activities on your computer systems in a modern way. Here we don't restrict any user to access any information on the computer system and in the World Wide Web also, but with the help of this security program, we monitor or keep an eye on their activities very smartly. What this security program actually does is, it takes the screen shots (images) of the monitored system on 1 minute interval and stores these information on the computer's hard disk in a hidden file format. After this the software program sends these images to a specific mail-id specified at the time of installation on a regular interval basis. You can even use your mobile's Bluetooth to see the screen shots when the monitored system is in available range. So, in your absence you are capable to monitor your systems activities through WatchPcAnyWhere software program.

To install this software product on the desired computer systems you need to have Windows XP or any higher version of it like Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 as an operating system. Additionally you require to install .Net framework in your system(for Windows 7 it is already installed) and 1.25 GB of free space (Since this program can continuously run for 1 week 24*7 and store records on the disk).