Voice Chat Spy Recorder

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The job of a system administrator is a challenging one when it comes to monitoring the actions of the users. Even a personal computer needs to be monitored as far the activities of minors are concerned. An excellent spying tool is available in the software market which goes by the name of Voice Chat Spy Recorder. It has been developed by the programmers at Desktop Spy Monitor, a major producer of security and monitoring software. Voice Chat Spy Recorder basically aims at recording the details of voice, video and text chat which sends data through a particular console. It does its job very efficiently and hence is a software of choice for many.

Voice Chat Spy Recorder integrates itself with major voice and video chat software such as Skype Voice Chat, MSN Voice Chat, Yahoo!Messenger Voice Chat and other instant messaging tools and websites. It can also record the data launched from various applications such as music players, sound from microphones and many others. It saves the files in the WAV format and archives them for future references. It is integrated with helps it start instantly with the boot up of Windows operating system. It is totally hidden and is not visible to the user who gets no idea about the methods in which he/she is currently being spied upon.

With the following features integrated into the software, it proves itself worthy of its stature: it provides comprehensive support for the administrator and helps him monitor the system as a whole, it remains hidden so that it cannot be detected by the user, it is compatible with all major chat tools and websites, it is small in size and overcomes the hurdle of system configuration. In short, Voice Chat Spy Recorder is the perfect choice for all, be it novices or security experts.