USB Hidden Copier

Download USB Hidden Copier

USB Hidden Copier is a software developed by a company having same name, say USB Hidden Copier. It operates on your system stealthily, i.e. in a way which neither you nor anyone else can understand or even think of. If you connect another device to your PC by a USB device, this software helps to copy contents from that device to your system. This can be done on a specified location of your hard drive. In schools and colleges, it is used extensively in keeping a watch on what students are doing every day. With some limited features, it is available at free for testing.

This software helps you to choose the location where you can save copies contents. While doing so, you can do it in such a way that the person whose contents you are copying will not be able to know it. Instant copying techniques help it to copy contents very quickly in such a way that you can do your job neatly without being known by anybody else. You can select only certain selected files and folders and leave unwanted files. It works well on different softwares like windows XP/Vista/Windows 07/08 etc. it can be downloaded directly from internet and can be installed on system quite easily.

Among several advantages of this software, the best ones are its fastness and security associated with it, independent working nature etc. as it is completely hidden software, you will never be caught while copying contents from someone else’s system. By pressing Alt+c key, copying process can be started instantaneously and completed quickly. Closing program is also quite easy. All you need to do is pressing Alt+E. E stands for exit. A triangular blinking icon shows it to you. So by installing this software, you can get access to files and folders of other systems, without being known to them.