Download Trend Micro Online Guardian for Families

Ever thought of something which could prevent your children, from accessing unwanted and harmful information on the internet? Well, to solve this problem and concern of yours Trend Micro Online Guardian For Families software is here. This software enables one to monitor as to what their children are doing over the internet. The software is often referred to as the ‘online guardian’. It closely monitors the actions of kids over social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and others. After installing the software, one can create profile for five children at a time, and secure the account with a three digit password.

The software reports each child’s activity separately, with their online habits. While creating a profile for each child, one can also put up the picture of their child for identification. One can customize the settings for their children’s account like the age, the size of the photographs and so on. The most striking feature of this software is that, it allows its users to set up a number of hours which their children would use the internet, for each day or for the whole week. Since the children are aware of the fact, that their parents are keeping a vigilant eye over their activities on the internet, they tend to use the computer for less time.

Apart from monitoring the activities of one’s children on social networking websites, the software allows people to access their kid’s browsing history, chat logs and friends list. If one wishes to know more about the software, they can log on to the official website of product, which provides all the details and facts about the software to their customers.

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