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This software forms the tool for monitoring the computers. The StatWin software has been specifically designed so as to store, analyze and collect the statistics connected to user activities and computer operation attached to Windows. This software is quite handy for that matter and the application is very easy to use and the application comes along with numerous activities that concern deeper with functions related to monitoring. The StatWin Total helps in featuring the pro plus tools that help in working with LAN and information attached to it. Among other things that are more important, there is remote administration, the databases might be sent to the server all on their own and the software has the ability to collect the client databases all on their own.

The other major features of the software include the facility to view the client information online with the feature to support an unlimited number of clients in total. There are other key features that bring this software a presence. The ability to monitor the startup activity of the Windows is quite phenomenal as such and are usually provided alongside detailed information that include a name, user account, time and date. The feature of monitoring the processes is also provided and you are able to monitor date, time, the name of the processes, window title for a process as well as the path where the process can be stored or tracked.

The internet access is made capable through the user account or speed of connection which include the volume of data that can be uploaded or downloaded at any time. The other processes also include the internet where there is an accessibility of web servers, provision for an account name, port number, time as well as the IP address of the server. Thus the ability to monitor all these processes make this software a bargain!

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