StaticX Surveillance
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Download StaticX Surveillance

StaticX Surveillance is a monitoring cum security software published by Structured Designs on June 2007. This software allows you to monitor everything which is done in your PC in your absence. It can take screen shots of application used, capture texts that are typed and automatically notify via email along with the report logged. This security software is free to try in your PC with a trial of 30 uses. StaticX Surveillance is compatible with Windows XP operating system. The special feature supports StaticX Surveillance to start instantly when Windows gets started. This application is extremely quick and easy to use without any help from experts thus saving you the set up charges.

One you get StaticX Surveillance installed in your computer you simply start and run the program and then you get to select among many options such as the capturing screen option, choosing and enabling password for StaticX, starting the application in a sneaky mode, displaying hot keys and also the option of hiding the program. With everyday browsing of users StaticX Surveillance creates a separate folder in a separate and hidden directory that stores all the encrypted information like the screenshots, chat history, browsing history and the key logs. When you need to view the captured screenshots you just double click on the saved user’s profile and it opens up with all the users’ contents like screenshots, chat history and emails along with attachments if any.

With StaticX Surveillance installed on your user account you will be able to monitor all users’ internet activities. You just need to have Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express in your system and StaticX needs to be configured with it for using this program. StaticX Surveillance easily records all computer activities through its invisible mode without the knowledge of the user.

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