SoftProbe Analyzer
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It often becomes necessary for system administrators to monitor and analyze the work habits of the users who are part of a network. It reveals a lot of information regarding the users such as their navigation habits over the web, the kind of files they access, the type of resources they put to use and the kinds of applications they test run on their systems. To help the system administrators with this part of their job, SoftProbe Analyzer has been introduced to the world of computing. With SoftProbe Analyzer in action, system admins can just sit back and relax while it does the job for them. The admin just has to let the software know what kind of work it has to do and expect detailed reports in return.

System administrators can install this software on the computers which are a part of a network remotely and hence gain access to the machines. They can monitor every single keystroke and every single mouse click that the user of the machine performs. They can track what websites the users visit and what files they access while they are logged on. It can record all the information gathered and present it to the system admin in the form of a report.

With the following awesome features built in, SoftProbe Analyzer has emerged as a leading product in its category of software: effective monitoring capabilities which is always running in the background thus providing the system administrator with twenty four hours surveillance, provides the system administrator with detailed reports about the surfing habits of the users, be it the internet or the local file system, it can be operated from the console of the admin and hence the high quality of monitoring. Besides, it has an excellent user friendly interface which rockets its popularity sky high.

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