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SniperSpy focuses on monitoring and recording your kids’ online activities. With this software you know exactly what your ward is doing online, and saves them from the threats of cyber bullies, and messaging strangers on Facebook. You can make the software issue warnings if your child is spending too much time playing games on the system. SniperSpy is easy to install and can be remotely installed in most computers through a module. It is compatible with all the Windows operating systems as XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

SniperSpy enables you to watch what is going on in real time. This means that you are updated with the exact activity of your kids while they are using Facebook, chatting on an instant messenger or surfing the web. This is the best feature about the software. You can also remotely freeze a mouse, log off a user or restart a computer. SniperSpy ensures that the kids are safe in the social media all the time. The software tracks documents and application use, records chats and so on. It also logs keystrokes, allowing you to fetch names and passwords. However, this feature must be used with caution.

With this parental control software, you are given with the ability to block social sites and messenger programs. SniperSpy has a special profanity alert can also blacklist website. Activities are categorized neatly and put into a list format for easy searching. SniperSpy also helps in preparing bar charts for websites your child visited which applications they used, their searches and IM activity. At the end of the day, SniperSpy is an effective way to help you gather evidence about what your ward is doing online.

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