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ServerSentinel is a popular server monitoring software program developed by Jam Software. This is a very efficient system monitoring software used to monitor server systems, network services and resources. This software program reacts and informs you immediately in case any failures and irregularities encountered in the system. ServerSentinel enhances the availability/performance of monitored systems and reduces the server downtimes. It takes care of centralized server systems, network services like POP3, HTTP and SNMP as well as memory usage and hard disks. At any point of time if any fault occurs in the system, it informs you either via E-mail or through text to speech warning or by generating optical warning signals. Depending on the type of failure/irregularity, Server Sentinel automatically takes immediate action by executing predefined recovery scripts or programs to deal with the situation.

ServerSentinel is a complete package of security and monitoring features. The best feature of this software product is its Sensor-Based Monitoring system which allows you to connect hardware sensors to sense and verify the server room's Humidity and temperature and based on the parameters it can take further actions to those hardware devices(if humidity/temperature is high/low). System's performance issues and runtime informations are always stored in the database for further analysis which increases the reliability of system.

ServerSentinel monitoring software is compatible with Windows 7/8, windows XP, Windows vista/2003 and even with windows server 2008. To install and work with ServerSentinel you additionally need to install .NET Framework 3.5. The intuitive user interface provided by this software product is very attractive and makes this huge program very easy to manage. For system monitoring purpose, it provides you different interfaces where you can check system configurations, performance, runtime information of different application programs and most importantly the graphical representations of different hardware sensors connected to the system. Hence to manage a complete server room by sitting in only one system, ServerSentinel is an ideal product.

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