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It is a common fact that children generally don’t think too much before doing anything, and especially when it comes to social networking websites. They do not hesitate in blurring out what they have in their heart and mind. Now this can be dangerous! In order to counter this problem SafetyWeb has been designed. This software is a Facebook monitoring program, which observes the activity of the children on the social networking websites, and prepares a comprehensive report about of the same. This would help you take adequate steps in protecting your children from the harsh virtual world.

Safety Web does not include any kind of installation on the computer of the child, one just needs to enter the email addresses, which links to one’s child’s profile on social networking websites, and the software would start doing its job. One might enter more than one email address, and can request for information of all those email addresses. However, if one plans to use SafetyWeb with Facebook, the app has to be manually downloaded on Facebook. The best part about this software is that, the scanning activity of this software is constantly on.

SafetyWeb has been designed in such a way that, it takes care of all the inappropriate content and questionable interactions. If one wishes to know more about this software, they can log on to the official website of the product which provides all the comprehensive details and facts about the product to their customers. It may not be the best monitoring software around, but certainly gets the job done.

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