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Monitoring HTTP traffic becomes quite essential when it comes to sniffing and with the rise in all kinds of malicious activities related to the internet, people are trying to devise software that would be essentially helpful. Pooldemon is coded using the famous C++ and helps in sniffing out packets in the HTTP. It is common to wonder about the ways of monitoring the traffic of HTTP and the program should have adequate abilities by trying to help out in case of more intuitive situations.

The program runs by running itself in the system tray where they notify the user the exact time when the HTTp requests had been detected. The software helps in sniffing out and monitoring the HTTP traffic to be precise and the icon of the SysTray type starts blinking when the HTTP requests related to POST or GET are called in some way. Mainly, the software helps in keeping the system away from the malicious activities that happen mostly through the transfer of data and variables across the HTTP and to and from the server. Having detected the outbound traffic of the HTTP, the packet sniffer helps in monitoring through the blinking SysTray icon on one hand while it tries to put a check on the HTTP get or post requests on the other hand. The full packet is captured in the UI and are displayed henceforth in the packet-log output file.

The software is found to be extremely helpful in the malware analysis and completely helps analyzing commands related to control and keeping the activities related to server communication under control. It accurately analyzes all that is happening behind in your system that you essentially do not get to see. The main goal is served by providing alerts produced real-time and through the help of HTTP POST and GET requests all of which show details regarding the underlying packets.