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Monitoring software are in great demand, especially those which can monitor and report the current working conditions of the system they are executing in currently. It becomes very important to find out the internal conditions of a system or a network of such systems when they try to run or execute heavy processes such as advanced software and high ended games which require high configuration. Software developer Marton Anka has developed such a software which is nothing short of magical and is known as Perfgraph. It is capable of monitoring and constantly reporting the current conditions in a system, thus providing users a real time report of the internal conditions of the system.

Perfgraph has several advantageous features which make it such a successful tool to have in possession. It is very small in size and integrates itself into the toolbar of Explorer and thus it can execute without taking up much space and resources of the system. It can display information of up to 8 cores, how much memory is utilized, the network usage of the system, the bandwidth and throughput of network signal, performance of the system in a network, temperature and other conditions of the CPU, fan speeds of the CPU, the temperature of the hard disk and much more.

With the following integrated features, Perfgraph is held as an important piece of tool which is capable of helping the system perform better in a seamless manner: built in algorithms which are powerful enough to find out and provide real time reports of the internal environment of the system, easy to use interface which allows even novices to use it without facing any trouble at all, small size and integration into explorer provides additional advantage. Hence, Perfgraph is a great tool which helps in maintenance of system performance on a large scale.

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