PDF Reader Controller
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Download PDF Reader Controller

PDF Reader Controller software was developed and marketed by SkySof Software Inc. Company. This is very small software and hence can easily be installed into your system. It is just about 953 KB in size. This software is hidden and runs as a background program. It is used to control its access to new software like Adobe Reader 9 and 10 etc. usually files in the PDF format are used extensively in every system these days. No matter whatever the type of software you are using in your system, it is necessary to convert some files into PDF format. So this software helps to control such conversions at that time.

There are a number of fundamental concepts that one has to remember before using this software. It includes getting a count of pages that you need to see in PDF format. This is very important to define page number sand boundaries to every page of information that you upload into your system. There is a format called raster image format. At the first step, you have to convert your PDF file into this format. Then convert your frame in such a way that it is viewed on screen as System.Image. That completes conversion process.

If you have this software, you needn’t to save your PDF files by giving password security to them. If you provide a list of PDF files which you need to protect, this software protects all those files from any unauthorized accessors who might do potential damage to your system. Besides that, this software is comparatively smaller in size and hence can be installed into system without much difficulty. One month of free trial is given and along with that, after this period has expired, it is available at a lower price. So while dealing with PDF files, this software is the best suited software for it.

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