Office Ethics
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Monitoring the activities of the users in a network is a huge task especially when it comes to large networks which exist in large enterprises. For this purpose, system or network administrators need a good second in command who can do it for him, automatically. There remains little doubt about the choice of the perfect software for this job and most point to the one developed by My Office Ethics, a software developing firm. The software goes by the same name, which is Office Ethics and does a fine job of monitoring and capturing the various activities of the people who access the system resources as well as that of outside networks.

Office Ethics is capable of performing a wide array of functions such as capturing the various applications that the various users access while in the network, the various website they visit, the various documents they create, access, modify, copy and paste to and from the network, various chat messages they send through the instant messaging site and the mails they send and receive through the network as well. Besides, Office Ethics also keeps track of the various downloads made, CDs and DVDs copied and created and other such activities the unsuspecting users generally perform. It can also maintain detailed information regarding the date and time of the particular applications that the users access.

Office Ethics has the following features which make it such an essential tool in the shed, especially when it comes to monitoring the users’ activities: easy to interface which helps users understand the various functionalities of the elegant software, strong algorithms which allow it to be ever vigilant about it s job, small size and free trial version add to its popularity. All in all, Office Ethics is a very easy and simple way to monitor user activity, stealthily.

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