MacForensicsLab Field Agent
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Apart from all the depravation that pervades our society, child pornography is the vilest practice of them all. For sexual perpetrators, such a heinous crime is just a matter of sadistic pleasure. And it is known that the internet is the most popular inhabited ground of such activities. For most investigators who are in a quest to track down these criminals, need to obtain enough evidences to track these offenders and prove them guilty. Graphical pornographic contents are in extensive circulation. Yet, locating the specified child pornographic materials becomes cumbersome and tough in the multitude of videos and photos available in the web world. Inc. went on to prove their mettle in coming up with a software that would help track down such obscene contents and also keep a check on child pornography. Named as MacForensicsLab Field Agent (MFL-FA), it is a software which is worth its price to a large extent. It is compatible with Windows, Linux as well as MAC operating systems, working natively via USB connection in computers having any one of the aforementioned operating systems. The uniqueness of this surveillance and locator software is the fact that it matches ‘skin-tone’ of all the graphic materials to track pornographic matters. The search is based on studying pixels of the images under scanner, to which skin tones are corresponded. Suspicious drives and associated devices can be identifies hence.   The thought of running a hash matching system might strike your mind. But in that case, one would get caught up in only those files that have the similar hash codes. To make the search more intensive and effective, skin tone analysis is not only accurate, but also very fast. This software is thus, very useful for law enforcement teams who are in the look out of more capable tools to locate the sexual predators.

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