Keyboard Tracer

Download Keyboard Tracer

Keyboard tracker software was developed by UpClock Software developer. Trial version of this software is available for one month period and after that, it should be purchased at a cost of about 29.95 American dollars. Full size of this file is about 2 MB. As the name itself suggests, this software was developed to record every character which we type with our keyboard. It is in fact the simplest feature which is used for keeping track of everything that we type with our keyword. This software can be used to know what your kids, kin or staff members in offices do when you are somewhere else.

Keyboard Tracer gives you all details of whatever that has been done with your computer. Details of every webpage they have visited, every software they used, every application they opened and many more things. Along with alphanumeric characters which are of standard type, this software also monitors hidden passwords and codewords which are the combinations of different characters, which may include special symbols also. These keystrokes may not look as they are on your screen if you don’t have this software installed on your system. Along with knowing details of each keystroke, you can also know who made those keystrokes as it keeps track of the person who used that system also.

Along with alphanumeric and special character keystrokes, it also records function keystrokes also. In real sense, it is an all function keystroke recorder. It can be made either visible or invisible on screen. If you don’t want others to know that you have installed this software on your system, you can hide it and make it run as a background program. Monitor and CPU consumption is very less for this system and hence it is regarded as the best software for monitoring everything that goes on your PC.