Download iNetWatcher

The internet has spread its wings at every industry, Even now it is becoming famous for uses equipments of our daily life also. More than 60% people are accessing the internet for regular basis from several countries through the different features. Though mainly it is being accessed by the computers only. So the need for filtration and monitoring the websites becomes an essential part to make secure the internet surfing. iNetwatcher is the best to accomplish this job through one or more than devices.

However the softwares are also doing the same job but iNetWatcher is among the best for the filter the internet access due to one facility, actually there is no need to use any separate server to install it , it is best for several other reasons also such as its self-contained and transparent facilities those have made it a very easy to use and comfortable to handle. Even there is no need to make any changes at the workstations and does not require any further software installation of on the network to run the Internet filter software. The organizers can implement the facilities of the Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) quite effectively with the help of iNetWatchers.

Users can get several features by using this iNetWatcher Software, it has ability to reach and showing details of every accessing sectors of the internet by the Internet Access monitoring, Provides the detail of emails that had been sending or receiving by the users through the server even the information about the source IP and target IP are also being shown by the iNetWatcher. Along with the above features it shows the detail of FTP files and commands. Internet chats monitoring, ICQ chats monitoring, Internet post filtering, web pages and downloading content filtering, and monitor’s data, IP and email filtering of the computers those are being used through the same server.