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The software iMonitorPC forms the equivalent of the surveillance system that can be loaded onto a computer. This extremely amazing and efficient monitoring software would make it able to look into the activities of the people more closely than ever done. You will see the exact windows and the links that they have visited and the outcome that has come with it. Also you shall see the actions they made while opening any window in the process. Also, this just does not limit to the online activities because the software also helps in monitoring the activities that have been done offline. So it would seem no different for you rather than looking over their shoulders.

Starting with the programs used to user activity, activity in chat rooms, websites that are visited as well as the social network pages all contribute to the records of iMonitorPC. It also selectively blocks a few websites particularly, viewing screenshots, reports of the activities and the top 10 programs that have been used over a period of time. The program is quite simple to use as such and is intuitive as well as password protected. It helps in defining the rules that need to be followed during which a user uses the PC. The activity reports are dealt with an e-mail or can be viewed online as such. The software is possibly the easiest tool that records and monitors all the usage of the system secretly like the applications loaded, websites visited and the internet chats. The program limits are also displayed quite properly.

This software basically is an equivalent of the digital surveillance for the computer. It well records the activity of all the users such as websites visited, programs that have been used coupled with the use of social networking and websites dealing with chat.

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