Gotta Get Em
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Securing your computer against unwanted users is your sole proprietor’s right. It is not only important to secure your computer against malwares, viruses and other junk programs that may pose a threat your PC. It is also important for you to make sure that your computer doesn’t succumb to added threats. Random users may not show any consideration for your PC and may try to evade the general norms that you may follow for your computer’s safety. Hence, you need good software to comply with your needs, in case a different user decides to use your computer.

Gotta Get Em is a shareware program published by Wicked DesignS, to monitor the computer for security and scrutiny. It is compatible with a range of different Windows operating systems. It is equipped with every capability of keeping of check of your computer’s activity in your absence. The free trial version of this tool has every feature except for one, which comes with the actual version of the software. This software is worth its expense. Even if the computer is restarted by a different user, the program would quietly restart itself. This allows it to continue constantly and monitor all kinds of user activity.

Gotta Get Em can also work invisibly, while concealing itself from Ctrl+Alt+Del function. From key-logging, to screenshots and chat conversations; Gotta Get Em does it all. It will give you a definitive and descriptive report of whatever tasks had been performed in your computer. It is recommended for administrators to purchase the original version of this software only. That would help you to exploit a whole lot of other features, including the auto-start provision of the tool. Third party infringement is absolutely blocked by Gotta Get Em, making it one of the most reliable tool to ensure PC protection.

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