GateWall DNS Filter
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Download GateWall DNS Filter

The software allows an ultimate level of control about the internet usage that is there without any necessity of additional installation of a hardware solution that would fit appropriately in the corporate network instead. Such utilities would help in making corporate utilities much better than expected. Also the safety of corporate utilities would be ensured which would give rise to minimization of traffic in the network, much of which is actually unwanted. This would increase performance considerably as expected by the system users. Hence minimization of traffic is the key that results to speeds which would match as per your expectations. The software uses the URL database which is considerably the largest possible in the consideration and as compared to its opponents.

This database serves to be the largest by hosting the total number of websites over 500 million, all of which are further subdivided into the various categories which make them up. The ability to configure the website is pretty simple in nature which blocks websites belonging to many categories that include malicious sites and many other sites which would be undesirable under normal circumstances. The other divisions include online casinos, game sites and primarily those that are played online by more people, P2P services and definitely, torrents. Anonymizers and proxy servers also qualify for being a separate class among the numerous ones. The ability to access to many websites by default with the help of block access or white lists also makes up for being a particularly distinct category successful.

The websites that are associated with threats are blocked by using Gatewall DNS Service. The threats usually include Trojans, phishing, botnets, keyloggers as well as other software that comes under the malicious category. The capability of saving the system from all adversaries is a form of unique capability that qualifies this one, to be well above its competitors.

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