[FireLion] FrostShield
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Download [FireLion] FrostShield

[FireLion] FrostShield is the latest software developed for the purpose of improving the performance of CPU. But when this software was tested for the first time, the outcomes were very much disappointing. It slowed down the system to a great extent and affected its performance greatly. It was very distressing news for scientists. This software works very well on a wide variety of operating systems including MS Windows NT 4.0, MS Windows 95, MS Windows 98, MS Windows ME, MS Windows 2000, MS Windows XP, MS Windows Server 2003 etc. a trial version of this software is available for testing before buying the real version.

This software performs a large number of functions. It converts audio/video files into various different formats so that they are able to run on different types of devices like mobile phones, iPhones, SmartPhones etc. whenever a large number of files are running on your system, there are chances that your computer slows down or stops responding because of various reasons. One obvious reason for this is that CPU utilization of system may be 100% and that affects system performance to a great extent. This software helps to improve system performance even when CPU is used completely by system.

Trial version of this software is available for downloading. After watching its functioning for some time, you can decide whether you can purchase that software or not. It performs various other actions like converting audio and video files, blocking malwares which makes CPU to sit idle, avoiding other bad programming errors etc are done by this software. This is a very useful feature, because in earlier days when this software was not known to man, there was a need for restarting the entire computer for making it to function again properly. This is the biggest advantage of this software.

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