CRC Scanner

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A lot of virus and malware scanners are already in the market and it need not be said that they are doing a pretty good job out there. But to find out about changes in the environment of a system, one needs to possess a copy of CRC Scanner. It is a Windows tool which scans a system and gathers information about the changes made in the various portions of the file system. After scanning and finding out about the various anomalies that have taken place, it reports to the user by creating log files which contain detailed information about the scanned changes. It helps users keep track of all the changes that might affect their work in the future.

Malicious programs like viruses, worms make unnecessary changes to the files and to top it, Trojans create backdoors in the computers they enter allowing the owner of the Trojan to gain unauthorized access to the computer. Thus, all these need to be detected and taken care of. Virus and spyware scanners do their jobs alright, but security enthusiasts feel CRC Scanner to be a very useful tool when it comes to tracking the changes caused by those malicious programs.

With the following features on board, CRC Scanner has made it to the wish list of many security experts all over the world: familiar interface which is very common amongst Windows programs and other scanners and user friendly too, powerful scanning algorithms which seldom fail to locate changes caused to files which are important to the users, small in size allows it to be executed on almost every computer system, regardless of the hardware configuration. With all this packed in, CRC Scanner promises top level detection and reporting, thus promising and delivering security to the scores of users who are already fans.