CopyNotify Small Business Edition

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Network administrators have to remain on guard to monitor the activities of the various users who form the system they are responsible for. Users often tend to insert USB sticks, more commonly known as pen drives and flash drives for easy transfer of data to and from the system. But this can prove to be a big security risk for the system since the files transferred can contain viruses or other harmful items which, once into the system can affect the others connected to it. Hence, to allow system administrators to monitor and control the usage of USB sticks in their networks, security software developer CopyNotify has developed CopyNotify Small Business Edition. This software is capable of identifying and blocking USB drives in a network.

CopyNotify Small Business Edition has been designed to be the perfect tool for monitoring and controlling the usage of USB drives on the USB ports of the machines which are integrated into a network. It scans each and every USB stick inserted into any of the integrated machines and creates a white list of the ones which are presumably safe to use in the system. It goes through the files which are to be copied either to or from the system. It is also capable of blocking the USB ports and individual USB drives from functioning in the system.

To sum it all up, CopyNotify Small Business Edition contains the following key features which make it one of the best selling software in its category: easy to use interface which makes its users understand its various functionalities, strong algorithm structure which help it in identifying USB usage instantaneously, small size meaning it can overcome the problem of system configuration with utmost ease. In short, CopyNotify Small Business Edition proves to be truly the best of the lot.