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Monitoring the activities of various users is one of the most demanding challenges faced by a system administrator. He needs to have a powerful tool for this purpose and what better option other than CheatMonitor KeyLogger. It is a very useful and powerful software which can be used to monitor the activities of the users which show up on the computer screen. It logs the information along with the data which contains every single keystroke made by the users in a particular interval of time. It sends regular e-mails to the owner and includes the log files as attachments so that the owner is well informed regarding the activities of the users in a network.

One of the most interesting features of the software CheatMonitor KeyLogger is that it has a black and white interface. It is designed keeping the wide range of users who are already familiar with other software of the same kind. Its advanced algorithms allow to flawlessly take screenshots, create log files of the activities of the users, record the keystrokes made and much more. It mails the owner with the relevant information. Its regular and timely reports help administrators perform on a better note.

CheatMonitor KeyLogger thus proves to be very efficient at its job which is to monitor the activities of the watched users. With the following features built into it, it certainly makes itself a contender for the first prize: easy to use interface and user friendly options make it a first choice for many, powerful algorithms help it to record the actions which appear on the screen of the monitored users, small size helps it to be executed on almost all systems running Windows. Hence, in short, CheatMonitor KeyLogger comes in handy whenever in need, be it for experienced professionals or laymen.

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