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This software allows the user to look and find what the other users keep doing on a particular computer in their absence. The software is invisible while being used and it carefully keeps a note of all that is happening starting from keystrokes to every bit of user activity that is going on. All of this happens quite invisibly so to say. The Personal Monitor works absolutely invisibly for recording the keystrokes of some other activities which are otherwise performed on a computer. The activities are well recorded into a log file. This log file is further encrypted to assure the option of being able to send in the details to some email specifically.

Thus the user would know about what is happening by having gone through the log file and then you can know of all that has been happening in your absence. The software is capable of capturing the screenshots of the screen periodically and in an intelligent way which would enable you to keep a track all that has been happening for long. Besides this, the keystrokes are also captured which tell you about what are the necessary steps that have been followed for using it. You can also log the programs that have particularly been opened or closed and the monitoring of clipboard contents are done quite precisely.

This tool is quite advanced as far as monitoring and surveillance is concerned which keeps a well detailed log of all the usage. The application is extremely user friendly which leaves the user with no problems or intricacies to deal with. The configuring of the software is pretty difficult as such and there is a comprehensive wizard that would help you guide the way to deal a certain number of processes. Besides this particular fact, the programs can be prompted to choose the users of the Windows for using it appropriately.

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