Agent X9
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A stealth software makes up best for its functionality when it stays in stealth for all of its whereabouts. The software is totally imperceptible and invisible spyware which helps in monitoring the keyboard as per the user’s usage currently. The spyware monitors the keyboard involvement perfectly well and is saved onto the computer. The software records all the functions and activities in a log file which includes almost everything that would be typed into the keyboard later on. You can further look into this log file later on and find out whatever you wish to with your computer.

The log file’s beauty is that it's typed onto the keyboard of your system. The URLs are filtered and access is limited during further processes. The prevention of the access to the sites further is a way that limits the accessibility and helps in securing the system. So this software is not only a log keeper but also limits the accessibility of the user across sites that are otherwise undesirable. Having monitored the major browsers such as the Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer as well as the new browser from Google, the Chrome, all of which contains the log files of the websites visited.

Varying from time and otherwise, the Agent X9 gets a copy of all the windows that have been visited or rather the screenshots are saved from time to time. So these screenshots shall give you a further insight into the usage of the computer while not monitored. All the facts are sent to the user by their personal e-mail. Log files and images are further compressed prior to the dispatch of the email. The access is filtered with the help of the filter and allows you to access the content to the content. Thus it acts in being a successful spy for the environment.

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