Download Advanced Net Monitor for Classroom Professional

It is often required by system administrators at offices and parents at home to monitor the working habits of the individuals who access the particular system resources. At offices and homes alike, the subordinates have the habit of going astray from the defined paths and in such cases, the ones who are responsible bring them back on track. To help the system administrators monitor the activities of the users, security software developers EdulQ have brought to the fore front Advanced Net Monitor for Classroom Professional. This is a great tool which helps the administrators monitor the workings of remote users from remote locations and thus allows them to keep a tab on the proceedings of the monitored users.

Advanced Net Monitor for Classroom Professional supports almost all the major protocols which are in use today such as TCP/IP and other such protocols. Once it is installed on a console, it provides the owner of the original copy a comprehensive set of information about the happenings that are taking place on that particular machine at any given point of time. It provides a click by click analysis of the resources that the users try to gain access to by displaying the windows of the monitored users. It also enables the administrators to send warning messages to the users about their wrong doings.

With the following key features built in to the software body, Advanced Net Monitor for Classroom Professional has become one of the most desired in its category: compatibility with all versions of the Windows operating system, advanced algorithms which help monitor and detect every single mouse movement and keystroke, small size and user friendly interface which helps in its operations. All in all, Advanced Net Monitor for Classroom Professional provides comprehensive support to the administrators in the field of monitoring and maintaining security.

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