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System administrators often need to control the activities that take place on the computers which they are supposed to survey and there is supposedly no better way to do it without ActivTrak Viewer. Coming from the house of Birch Grove Software, it is a powerful monitoring tool which helps users monitor and track every single action which shows up on the screen. It works silently in the background without letting the monitored people realize that it is there. It records the names of the applications running, what are being done at a point of time, how long those applications are being used and which profile they are accessed from, providing system administrators with a comprehensive set of surveillance features.

Firewalls block programs from opening at all but ActivTrak Viewer allows users to use all of the resources but simultaneously keeping an eye over their activities. It can alert users about the violation of the set of rules which they are supposed to follow while sitting at a particular console which is under surveillance. It reports to the administrator about unusual activities such as illicit website viewing and other non-work related activities which studies have revealed to be particularly high. Besides, system administrators can remotely view the screen of remote computers just at the press of a button.

This amazing development in technology allows everybody, not just system administrators to keep their personal stuff under close watch, thereby keeping their sensitive information still a secret. It integrates the following key features: easy remote surveillance options which can be customized, instant alert messages about unusual user activity thereby preventing them from further doing so, small size meaning it can be run on almost all Windows machines. All in all, ActivTrak Viewer is a comprehensive tool which helps users keep intruders at bay very easily.