Conjurers Encrypter
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Encryption is one of the most sought after aspects of computer security these days. Encryption refers to the act of hiding sensitive or confidential data from the view of others by juggling up the data contained within with the help of a secret key. Without the key, which is rather a numerical value, it is impossible for anybody to interpret the encrypted data. Coming from the house of software security developer Conjurers, an advanced encrypting software called the Conjurers Encrypter is currently the jewel in the crown. This software helps users in protecting their files, folders and other important personal stuff from being accessed by any third party users.

Conjurers Encrypter encodes the data contained within the specific files and folders and hence makes them obscure to the general user. It uses the private key method of encryption and hence makes sure that the files are truly safe. In this method of encryption, the files are first encrypted with a key value and then it can only be decrypted with a value known to the receiver alone and nobody else. Thus, it provides ultimate protection to the files. Besides, it can also encrypt files while sending through an unreliable connection. Even the most advanced packet sniffers cannot break the code which Conjurers Encrypter builds up.

With the following features built into this amazing software, it promises to become a leader in its category of software very soon: it has the most advanced algorithms built in which makes the encryptions and makes them virtually unbreakable by third party users, easy to use interface which guides users through the process of encryption, anti-brute force features help it create strong encryptions, absolutely free! Thus, Conjurers Encrypter delivers what it promises and a lot more and due to this reason alone it is hailed as the next big thing!

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