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Time and experience has taught us one simple yet valuable fact: a file does not get completely deleted even if we try to just remove it from the computer’s memory. It is a hard fact of life and we have accepted it. We have even moved on and all this is proved by the presence of various softwares in the market which specialize in deletion of files. These days it has acquired the fancy name of a “shredder”. The job of a shredder is to permanently delete a file from the hard drive or any other storage device containing the file.

12Ghosts Shredder is one such software which specializes in file shredding. Its powerful techniques helps it to delete files which are even password protected or locked by some other means. A file gets completely deleted from memory once all its remaining bits are overwritten by some other files’ data. It makes several ‘passes’ to perform the action of overwriting. 12Ghosts Shredder enables users to choose how many such passes to make in order to permanently delete a file.

With the features listed below, 12Ghosts Shredder has emerged a leader in its category:
● complete removal from memory to prevent others from accessing sensitive and confidential information,
● it refrains from using low-level methods of shredding hence eliminating any possibility of errors occurring in the future, with respect data storage in the same volumes,
● works with all file systems: FAT, NTFS, FAT32 and hence similar results are obtained each time,
● cleans not only hard drives but also flash drives and floppy drives,
● small size makes it go easy on the resources.

Developer 12Ghosts has again given its fans reason to cheer. With such a powerful tool in the box, people can feel safe about one thing: their data will not get stolen, henceforth.

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