Work Time corporate
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Work Time corporate software was developed by Nester Soft software developer. It was released on august 7th 2012 and its latest version is 5.21. This is a kind of security software. This software is used by corporate people for protecting their important information and data from the hands of dangerous people. It is a moderate sized file (4.44 MB) so needs some time to download and install it. But it has not hit the market with expected josh, because even after six months of its release, only 135 people have downloaded it so far. Probably the lack of advertisement of the product might be responsible for its low profile.

Working of this system is a little bit complex to understand. When you install this software into your computer, it works in background in hidden mode and no one can see it as an icon on your desktop. It records every detail of activity performed by user in the system. Along with all these details, it also records details of place and time at which the activities have been performed. So your system can be quite safe from any online attacks. This is usually used in offices by administrators to keep an eye on the activities of their employees.

As this software is invisible in nature, the employee whom you want to track will not be able to know that you are after him and observing him with this third eye. It uses Microsoft terminal services and other related service providers for tracking everything those employees do with their system or even laptops. Thus it helps to minimize expenses that you have to spend on costly software for spying employees. But despite its numerous advantages, it has not yet become popular and reasons for its low profile are still unknown. But whatever it might be, there is no doubt that this would be very useful software for your system.

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