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Employees at offices and children at home have some similarities when it comes to following rules: they don’t stick to them. They tend to be a pain in the neck for those who monitor their work over the internet which proves to be the main source of all kinds of nuisance these days. Companies set up policies and rules which the employees are expected to follow and the situation is similar in households. To counter this problem of monitoring of traffic, higher authority can resort to using softwares developed for this purpose. TamoSoft, with its original work named NetResident, falls under this heading. It is an extremely simple and effective software developed to monitor and control internet behavior of subordinates.

NetResident’s superb functionality allows to track all kinds of incoming and outgoing traffic over a network, be it the internet or a local network. It can gather information regarding what emails are sent, what kind of data is accessed, what messages are sent over instant messaging and what are conveyed over a VoIP connection. It can track every single request sent over the network and creates a report of the same. What is most interesting is that it does not require the user to be knowledgeable about these matters. It rather helps the user through every single task, eventually.

With the following features, NetResident promises to be one of the most important softwares in its category: no need for the user to be network literate since it contains guidelines regarding every type of monitoring task, uses high level protocols to track the targets, gathers information regarding all types of traffic and hence proves to be one of the most efficient deputies. The charming features of NetResident allows it to be used by parents as well as forensic experts for a whole range of monitoring tasks, such is its diversity.

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