Download Infiltrator

Infiltrator is a popular network security scanner program developed by Infiltration Systems for network auditing purpose. This software program allows you to scan all computer systems in your network for all possible kind of vulnerabilities and security problems or issues. Infiltrator can quickly audit the computer systems connected to your network connection for various kind of exploits, information enumerations and vulnerabilities present and efficiently deals with them to enhance their performance measure. Infiltrator comes with an in-built database of known vulnerabilities to deal with general network security issues, but you can update the respective database from internet whenever required to deal with special security problems or dysfunctions in your network. It provides the facility of custom scan to deal with specific problems separately.

Infiltrator network security scanner has been specifically designed to deal with different kind of network vulnerabilities in a dynamic environment. The key features of this software program are: Information gathering, Security auditing and analysis, generates sleek scan reports and many other useful network utilities to enhance the performance of computers connected to your network. It enumerates file shares, open ports, drives, registry keys, hotfixes, password policies and SNMP & Netbios tables from each computer in your network. After the completion of the scan, it generates a complete report detailing the improper registry settings, vulnerable services & open ports, weak password policies and user configurations of computers in the network which will guide you to deal with them.

To install Infiltrator network security scanner you need to have any of the following operating systems: Windows 7/8, Windows XP/Vista, Windows NT or Windows 2000. After the installation you need to update the database of the program for better performance. The intuitive user interface of this software program makes it much easier to use and manage. This is an ideal scanner program for network administrators to monitor their network's computers to enhance their security measures and performance.