Favortools USB Locker

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Pen-Drives and USB port are the gaping entries of virus as well know. If you have been using your computer for quite a while now and sport the method of transferring data due to work or otherwise to and from unknown systems, you must have observed the probability of virus which have been deleted by your antivirus or have otherwise infected you computer to some measurable extents. Thus, people have been recently trying to devise new ways of cutting out the virus incoming from these USB ports. One such popular software that has stood out in the notice has been Favortools USB Locker.

It has been especially designed so as to give you the necessary protection that you desire by gaining a control over the USB ports housed in your computer. This would successfully prevent unauthorized and illegitimate data access into the machine’s ports that would make the difference for the functionality of your PC in the long run. This would reduce the probability of data theft and leakage that usually happens through various kinds of USB drives that are available nowadays.

The locking of USB mass storage devices should normalize the case of such incidents and or otherwise accidents. This would actually prevent copying of any data into the USB drive that has been inserted. So it would no longer be able to transfer any information whatsoever from the computer. Locking the USB devices should ensure a prevention of running these devices in any form as USB storage devices in a system. The normalization can be rather done with the help of mouse clicks in order to run these. Supporting the USB mass storage devices which include the zip drives, jump drives and the thumb drives as well as other objects such as memory sticks, MP3 players, digital cameras are all avoided.