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A computer running multiple programs is a common sight these days. The concept of multi-tasking has been in action for quite some time now and to say the least, it has successfully drawn attention towards itself and has become quite popular amongst users everywhere. But like everything else, it has its flaws. It makes the system slower and increases the reaction time of the machine by eating up the resources. Hence security is compromised. To counter this nagging problem, software developing firm Antiy Labs has presented Atool to the community. The primary job of this software is to detect threats which try to access the system in the form of harmful programs and protect the computer from them.

Atool concentrates on providing basic protection from malicious programs which roam the network and search for vulnerable systems to attack. It automatically functions in the background thus requiring no user supervision at all. It also provides service in the form of a task manager and that it often provides better service than the original Windows Task Manager is worth mentioning. It takes care of programs which are autorun enabled thus protecting the system from getting affected by threats. Unwary systems easily get affected by malicious programs through the autorun feature and Atool takes care of this problem in a subtle manner.

With the following useful features packed in, Atool proves to be a very handy tool which can be used to overcome unusual problems: its security features, though not elaborate, are powerful enough to deal with imminent threats and are compact enough to fit the package, it is of very small size and hence faces no problem at all while executing on a variety of systems, it is absolutely and truly free! To conclude, it can be said that with this tool in the shed, security enthusiasts can feel free.

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